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   Purchasing your property, whether it is residential, commercial or acreage, gives you the right of use and occupancy. These rights may be limited by the rights and/or claims of others.
   Title Insurance protects against these rights and/or claims. Title insurance can benefit you in two distinct ways: Owner Protection and Lender/Mortgagee Protection. Owner Protection lasts as long you or your heirs have an interest in the property. Lender/Mortgagee Protection lasts until your lien is paid off. Your title insurance premium covers the search and examination of the public land records in your area. This examination is performed by a title agent or attorney on behalf of an underwriter. The report generated by this search is intended to reflect everything that pertains to your property. A clear, concise chain of title will reveal not only everything that has happened to the property, but will also reveal any objections that concern it. Objections may be outstanding mortgages, judgments or liens because a seller has not paid taxes. Pending legal action against the property or current owner, easements (which may or may not be beneficial), unknown heirs, forgeries and mistakes in public records may also affect your ability to purchase. Title Insurance (a one-time purchase, handled at closing) protects against these hazards, as well as other hazards.